Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What did Jay say today?

"I am not going to honk at her. The only way she'll ever learn her lesson is if I just ram into her car." Jay, on refusing to honk at a lady who pulled in front of him with her huge SUV.

"I think it's time we stop getting upset by office politics. Rather, we should start enjoying them, since in a few months, none of us will be working together and we might actually miss those jerks..." 3/1/06

"I don't like splitting things except for multi-million dollar jackpots," said Jay, when asked to go in with me on our office Oscar pool.

Jay on whether or not he should break up with the woman he's dating:
"I don't know. I just really don't look forward to spending time with her."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Head Pulse

Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. There is this tiny, but present pulsing on my forehead that only seems to happen when I am feeling tense. The pulsing occurs just above my left eye brow, right above the fattest part of my brow, and it's like a mini-heart beat on my head.

Pulse, pulse, pulse. it always pulses three times in a row, and then stops. Sometimes when my anxiety rises throughout the day, as if I wasn't already aware that I felt nervous and unsure of things, the mini-heart beat taps my forehead as if to remind me that there is a lot on my mind. Maybe it's my head's way of saying "hey, there's too much to think about in here. Keep the oxygen flow steady to the brain."

Or maybe it's like the human body's version of the hour-glass icon that the computer mouse becomes to signify the computer is processing something. My thinking icon is the heart beat on my head...please wait...retrieving files...

Hmm...that's something else to think about...