Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What is fat?

What is fat? Who is fat? Is the woman who eats 3 Big Macs to console her depressed, unsatisfied existence on her way home from her telemarketing job fat because she weighs 250 pounds?

Or is the woman fat who maybe wears a wears a size 6 pair of jeans when really she should be wearing a size 8, and thus the jeans hug her hips so tight that it pushes all her extra "skin" over the top of her pants making her belly appear perhaps larger and more jiggly than it normally is fat just because she is not rail thin?

Americans are crazy about fat and thin. Everywhere you look, people are sadly and unhealthily at both ends of the body fat spectrum. It seems extreme cases of obsese and skinny are all around us. Take a trip to any amusement park on a weekend and you'll see gobs of overweight adults and children, indulging in too large of portions and sugary sodas and fruit juices. But open any magazine and the images on the pages are so different from the real world that these women barely look like people. Stick thin models who on a bad day wear a size 0, most of whom aren't older than 21, also have been airbrushed so that even the tiniest dimple or flaw vanishes with the click of a mouse.
Focus for a second on Las Vegas - the land of healthy living - and the MTV VMAs where one controversial pop star's attempt to make a come back had a very bad choice of an outfit. Or, was it an inspired choice?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let the record reflect that Britney Spears IS NOT FAT. She may not boast the wash board abs and toned - from -dancing -all day bod she once sported during brighter days in her career, but she is not by any means, fat.

It is appalling for me as a woman to read and hear all the attacks accusing her of being fat. Click here to find just a sampling of these attacks: Britney Backlash. I'd like to see the majority of the people making those comments put on a black sequined bikini and strut around on stage in front of millions of people and then we'll talk about who's fat and who's not.

Now I am not saying I like Britney, or even support her lazy attempt to make a big come back, but what I do support is people promoting healthy body images.

What people should be talking about is her substance abuse problems, her neglect of her children, and the fact that she is so freaking lucky to be in a position where the world is watching her and she has the ability to touch people's lives and influence them, and she is too damn sick or blinded or whatever the excuse to realize the impact she could have on the world. Most people would die to be in her position - to make money singing and dancing and wearing sexy clothes. You've got a position of power - or at least a position in the spot light - use it to do something other than just hook up with college boys in the Downtown Standard pool, topless...

What Britney needs to do rather than spend time doing 1000 crunches a day like she used to, is do some serious soul searching and spend some time being a Mom to her children. Think about them first for a change instead of partying every night. And hey, maybe if she lays off the booze some of that extra belly flab will melt away and she'll look more like the toned sexpot that everyone praised her for before.

But even if she doesn't do this, let's lay off the fat jokes. If for no other reason then there are far better and more important things to criticize her for than her non-stick thin body and her poor outfit choices.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hairspray - The Movie (2007)

Last night, I had the great pleasure to see the film version - of the Broadway version -of the John Waters' film HAIRSPRAY.

Can I just say I LOVE QUEEN LATIFAH? Long live the queen. She is "big, blond, and beautiful" as ever in this movie and her singing is fabulous. Some of her best lyrics are: "Bring on that pecan pie. Pour some sugar on it, honey don't be shy. Scoop me up a mess of that chocolate swirl. Don't be stingy, I am a growing girl. I offer big love with no apologies. Why should I deny the world the most of me? Why would you want something that only offers the least when girl we're serving up the whole damn feast?"

And Christopher Walken. His dancing... His singing... Even when he's not saying a word, brilliance oozes from the screen. He runs the "Hardy Har Hut," a Baltimore joke shop and is the father to chubby dance sensation and desegregation spokesperson, Tracy.

And the new-comer, Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad is a dazzling delight, with darling facial expressions and sassy dance moves.

I could go on and on...The film had me smiling the whole 2 hours. Sure, there were moments where John Travolta seemed to shamelessy rip off Mike Meyer's "Dr. Evil" voice, and other times when you wanted to leave the theatre to call Michelle Pfeiffer's agents pleading with them to get her to a buffet immediately, but overall, the film did not disappoint.

And a fabulous cameo from John Waters as the flasher, and one from Ricki Lake as an agent in the audience for the Miss Teenage Hairspray Competition, just proves that the film is layers upon layers of fluffy chocolate & vanilla fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just a quick thought...

If drinking alone is a tell-tale sign of being an alcoholic, then what does it mean if you make S'mores alone?

You've got a nasty sugar addiction? A deep, desperate desire to go camping?You're entering starvation and have a serious need to shop for groceries?

S'mores making is a group activity, much like fondue, shabu-shabu, or those restaurant dishes that arrive at your table underneath a tower of blue & orange flames.

S'mores treats are not things you should enjoy alone...but they do taste mighty damn good, whether you're indulging late night in your kitchen or around a packed camp fire with your closest compadres...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Post as a Married Woman & A Homeowner...

Yes, it's been a long time since I've written. Planning a wedding leaves little time for blogging...or at least that's what I liked to tell myself.

Is it weird that I am spending my first Saturday night as a married woman post-honeymoon on the computer blogging while my husband watches the Dodgers and plays his Play Station Portable (PSP, as I will refer to it from here forward) in the den?

Or, is it perhaps weirder to think that this afternoon we attended a matinee showing of the new Disney Pixar flick "Ratatouille" and we don't even have children yet? Ahh...married life.

No, but seriously, I couldn't be happier. Nothing is better than waking up on a Saturday morning with a moderate hangover from chugging the leftover bottle of wedding champagne outside of the Greek theatre before hearing the fabulous music Alison Kraus and Union Station... then tasting some fresh squeezed OJ that was made from oranges that grew in your very own backyard. Fabulous!

After a very satisfying breakfast prepared with love using newly gifted appliances (a secret materialistic perk of getting married - getting lots of great gifts, like electric juicers and waffle irons), we took our dog, Coconut on a long hike in the San Gabriel Mountains. By 10:00 AM it was 80 degrees and the sweltering sun and dry and thirsty chaparral landscape was still beautiful despite the occasional graffitied rock or plastic soda bottle littering the trail....

But what's most amazing as that as I sit in my house overwhelmed with all the changes in my life I truly can't stop thinking about that concert. Was I born in the wrong era? Were we the only ones under 40 in the audience? Perhaps...but while many girls my age may have been sauntering their way around Area or some other hip Hollywood hangout, I was sitting under a semi-starry sky in Los Angeles listening to the intoxicating voice of Alison Kraus and fantasizing about quitting my job and dedicating myselt to the dobro. That instrument speaks to me...it's does to your ears what the smell of homemade cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet does to your nose...makes you feel like you're in the deep south and everything is just....as it should be.

I knew the rest of the crowd was digging the music, too, when the elderly woman sitting in front of me with the teased white hair and taut face-lifted cheeks decided after the third song that it was safe to take her ear plugs out and groove along with her husband, who was already dancing and enjoying every note that poured from the stage...

When the show was over, I serioulsy felt sad, like I wasn't ready for it to be over...

Just for fun, here's a review of the show that we saw, only because I really loved it and I would encourage the three people that read my blog, if you like bluegrass or country music even a little, check out Alison Kraus...you might not want to run out and sign
up for dobro lessons but I guarantee you won't want to insert ear plugs...