Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gonna Make a change...

Hello followers...I have been remiss about writing on my blog because, well, no excuses, but I feel like my life consists of two things: 1. working, and 2. taking care of my baby.

It's the same story from all working mothers, I am sure, where they wonder what ever did they do before they became a mother? I must have had a ton of free time, and just sat around blissfully with my husband thinking "What do I want to do today? Take a a movie...bake a a book." Those are questions I can only dream of asking myself, but that's okay, because I LOVE BEING A MOM. Sure, most days I don't brush my hair, and I am always putting on make-up while sitting in traffic on the freeways, and somehow "working" has become my "break," but I wouldn't trade that little bubba for anything in the world.

I do have lots of things I want to share from the past several months of my dark period...the little one turned 8 months yesterday and I suddenly am a believer of everyone that says it all goes by so fast once you have kids. You truly must remember to treasure every moment, because they come and go all too quickly.

More than anything, though, I am on a mission to become a Stay-at-Home-Mom. Correction, I want to always be a WORKING mom, but I just cannot hack the 11-12 hour days away from him, and need to find a way to be closer to him while I work. And I need to work up the courage to make a change, whether it's figuring out a way to telecommute a few days a week, or even finding a new job, I've got to do it...for my own sanity, and for everyone around me that is probably growing tired of me complaining...

The PS to all of this is, I am very blessed. I recongize that. I feel very grateful for my job and for my loving husband and beautiful baby. I always feel that if I had everything all figured out right now, and everything was just the way I wanted it, that life might be slightly boring. So, here's to my quest to "figure it all out."

Help keep me honest and true to myself in my goal to make a change!