Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 signs you know you're a new mom

1. you have permanent dark circles under your eyes that your best concealer can't hide, and what's even better, you really don't care...
2. you're typing one-handed, in all lower case letters while nursing
3. you haven't blown-dry, washed, or even combed your hair in days
4. you mailed your holiday cards 2 weeks after christmas
5. you mailed your holiday cards 2 weeks after christmas, and only put postage stamps on 1/2 of them
6. it takes weeks for you to return phone calls
7. you live on the west coast, but decide to ring in the new year by watching the ball drop on the east coast feed, 3 hours early
8. you find yourself making up your own lines to lullabies because who knows what really comes after "and if that diamond ring don't shine?"
9. you consider exchanging "coos" and "ohs" as the makings of scintillating conversation
10. you're head over heals in love with someone new, and that special someone weighs 170 pounds less than your husband...