Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hairspray - The Movie (2007)

Last night, I had the great pleasure to see the film version - of the Broadway version -of the John Waters' film HAIRSPRAY.

Can I just say I LOVE QUEEN LATIFAH? Long live the queen. She is "big, blond, and beautiful" as ever in this movie and her singing is fabulous. Some of her best lyrics are: "Bring on that pecan pie. Pour some sugar on it, honey don't be shy. Scoop me up a mess of that chocolate swirl. Don't be stingy, I am a growing girl. I offer big love with no apologies. Why should I deny the world the most of me? Why would you want something that only offers the least when girl we're serving up the whole damn feast?"

And Christopher Walken. His dancing... His singing... Even when he's not saying a word, brilliance oozes from the screen. He runs the "Hardy Har Hut," a Baltimore joke shop and is the father to chubby dance sensation and desegregation spokesperson, Tracy.

And the new-comer, Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad is a dazzling delight, with darling facial expressions and sassy dance moves.

I could go on and on...The film had me smiling the whole 2 hours. Sure, there were moments where John Travolta seemed to shamelessy rip off Mike Meyer's "Dr. Evil" voice, and other times when you wanted to leave the theatre to call Michelle Pfeiffer's agents pleading with them to get her to a buffet immediately, but overall, the film did not disappoint.

And a fabulous cameo from John Waters as the flasher, and one from Ricki Lake as an agent in the audience for the Miss Teenage Hairspray Competition, just proves that the film is layers upon layers of fluffy chocolate & vanilla fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just a quick thought...

If drinking alone is a tell-tale sign of being an alcoholic, then what does it mean if you make S'mores alone?

You've got a nasty sugar addiction? A deep, desperate desire to go camping?You're entering starvation and have a serious need to shop for groceries?

S'mores making is a group activity, much like fondue, shabu-shabu, or those restaurant dishes that arrive at your table underneath a tower of blue & orange flames.

S'mores treats are not things you should enjoy alone...but they do taste mighty damn good, whether you're indulging late night in your kitchen or around a packed camp fire with your closest compadres...