Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Paleo Man

Perhaps you've heard of one of the new, dare I say, "fad diets" sweeping the nation? (Or maybe it's just sweeping Los Angeles?) The Paleo diet is of what I speak and it's a diet similar to what Paleolithic man would have eaten, a diet comprised of food that was available in pre-agricultural times. Curious for the real facts? Click here.

Basically, to eat Paleo means you eat lean meat, fish, veggies and some fruit. On this diet, you can't have any dairy (boo hoo), grains (waaa!), or sugar (double waaaa!), so it's very similar to other low-carb diets out there but there is a bit of a twist.

Anyhow, why is the Paleo diet now part of my everyday vocabulary? Because my husband has gone truly APE for the paleo way of life. Thank goodness he has not started dragging me around by my hair or referring to me as "WOMAN." Naturally, by osmosis, I now eat mainly paleo meals at home with him. (Don't worry, since I am still nursing, I most certainly have my carb fests during my weekday lunches. Bring on the sandwiches, muffins, and the mac 'n cheese!)

Even though I give him a bad time about his current diet obsession, I must say in a lot of ways, it's a great diet. I feel good, we are eating and cooking a lot more vegetables at home, and it is fun for me to have him as an active particiant in our meal preparation and planning. We've always loved to cook together and now he's taken an even more active interest because his paleo reputation is on the line...

Recently, he even entered a Paleo diet weight loss competition at his gym and by golly, HE WON! He dropped over 20 pounds and has kept most of it off...Now anyone that knows my hubby would agree he looked good before and did not need to lose weight.

So from time to time, I'll share some of our favorite paleo recipes with my loyal readers. The biggest downfall of the diet to me is the "no dairy" rule, and I have been known to cheat...Like last night, we made PALEO BISON CHILI and I of course brought myself to the modern era and sprinkled some grated cheese on top to make it even more yummy!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Makes Everything Better

Today I ate a piece of pumpkin pie and it was so good, it made me want to cry. Literally. Like, I shook for a moment on the inside and had to fight off actual tears. Every bite I took filled my mouth with that sweet, nutmeg and cinnamon-y goodness of pumpkin and I could almost close my eyes and pretend it's Thanksgiving.

Thank you, Costco, for serving up delicious pumpkin pies for under $5 in early September.

By the time it is actually Thanksgiving, I am usually so full from eating other things (turkey, stuffing, cheese logs, Sees candy) that I feel like even though I bake the pies, I never really savor them.

So what better thing to do on Wednesday afternoon that taste a bit of holiday goodness a little early?

Next time you're feeling down or craving something delicious, try it. You'll give thanks that you did.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They may have worked for Julia Roberts...

Okay, so time for a heart-to-heart with the fashion world. Is anyone really going to embrace the seemingly ubiquitous, over-the-knee boot trend that is EVERYWHERE right now? I'll admit the black patent leather pair worked like a charm for Vivian, Julia Roberts' character, in PRETTY WOMAN, because she was, in fact,... A HOOKER. But with every fall catalog, fashion magazine, and E-blast I get showing these hot-to-trot over-the-knee styles, I am left slightly flabbergasted by the way this style is being literally whored out to dominate all of fall footwear fashion.

Look, anyone that knows me knows I have a weakness for a beautiful shoe, and yes, a lot of these boots look beautiful, but I just don't know who is actually going to wear them? Where do you wear them? To work? Never. To a bar? Maybe? On a date? Can you imagine wearing them to the movies? I have enough trouble keeping popcorn from going down my shirt, and I certainly don't need the top of my shoes to have an opening at the thigh for stray popcorn kernels and Raisinets to make their way down there...

Maybe it's me, and maybe in my new-mom state I am having a stuffy reaction to a hot new trend? Maybe in my old life, I'd snatch up a pair of these hot high boots and strut around town in them on weekends or when I wanted to feel especially sexy and powerful, but really? I just can't even imagine EVER finding a way to work these into my lifestyle.
Maybe I watched PRETTY WOMAN one too many times as a kid (because I am pretty sure I wore out the VHS tape), but I just think this is one trend that I won't be sad to see walk away.
(Please, though, I'd love to be proven wrong. I'd love to see some of my friends wear these and show me just how versatile these can be. Maybe a conservative flat pair with leggings and a simple top? Or if I am right about the trend not translating to real-world fashion, maybe the Lohmans and Marshalls of the world will be flooded with the left overs and NEXT fall I can rock this trend for a fraction of the price? For a good deal, after all, I can find an excuse to wear almost anything...)