Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Thrill of Buying Diapers

As I pulled into our driveway after work, I caught a beautiful sight out of the corner of my eye: a large, cardboard box sitting proudly next to the front door of our bluish gray Colonial Revival home. Could it be? As I rushed to park the car, jumped from the vehicle and ran to the porch it was indeed the package I was anticipating. Printed on the side of the box in big blue letters it read "diapers.com" which meant that our first order of diapers had arrived! Woo hoo!

What a thrill! I am sure after a few weeks of changing, paying for, and ordering diapers, the thrill will fade fast. But it just made the whole mom-to-be thing seem more real. Then of course there's the debate of what kind of diapers to use: cloth, G-diapers, 7th Generation, gel free, etc. Maybe that will just mean more orders to diapers.com trying to find the best fit for our family, our budget, and our environment...

In any case, there are so many firsts that arise during a pregnancy, and the first diaper order delivery is not one to be overlooked. Because what will soon be wearing those diapers will be the best delivery of all!